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Here are some tips which can help you get the most out of your sleep:

1. Cut our late-night caffeine

2. Avoid heavy meal before your bedtime

3. Take an early bath

4. Get a little stretch before sleep

5. Keep the lights level low

6. Disconnect all your gadget

7. Avoid scary movies

8. Use a real alarm clock so you wont even need to press snooze


Going to a Spa?

What to prepare before your massage treatment?

- Take a relaxing time before your appointment time

- Limit consumption of caffeine and sugar

- Avoid eating immediately before your appointment

- Allow extra time in your schedule so you don’t have to rush to be ready for your session

- Be aware of your current condition so you can report anything that needs attention.


Going Green at home

You can’t imagine how much of a difference it will make if all of us follow these easy tips on going green.

Tips on going green at home

1)    Don’t forget to close the water tap when you don’t use it, this might sound very minuscule but certainly not to be underestimated.

2)    Do not run your dishwasher unless it is fully loaded and make sure the plates are scraped before you put it in. Leave your dishes for air-drying rather than heat drying.

3)    Keep the lights off in rooms when unoccupied. Make use of day light by keeping your curtains open during daytime.

4)    Your home must be energy efficient in every possible manner. Do you realize that when you lower your thermostat in winters and up it a little bit in the summers you tend to save lots of energy? One degree won’t lead to discomfort but certainly save you money on cooling and heating appliances.

5)    With your washing machine you could save lots of energy by following easy tips on going green. Wash clothes by using cold water since the washing machine consumes lots of power just to heat the water. Follow this tip and you will be saving on electricity.

6)    Try using fluorescent bulbs, these bulbs burn tend to last longer plus burn more efficiently as compared to the other bulbs.

7)    Avoid putting your clean clothes into your washing machine, just dry them in the hot Sun to ward off any unpleasant smell. This way you can save money plus your clothes will have natural freshness.


Stay young and healthy?

Did you know that forcing yourself to smile actually makes you happier. And people perceive those with broad smiles as being younger than those who don’t smile as much. Let us know, what is your recipe for stay young and healthy.


Tips for your loved ones to stay fit and healthy!

1. Talk to them about other things besides weight loss and fitness

2. Get the junk food out of the house.

3. Make it a habit to play outdoor games together.

4. Plan an active activity after dinner.

5. Cook healthier foods for the family.

6. Give “active” gifts, like personal training packages, a bicycle, roller blades,

7. Use positive language all the time.

8. Suggest walking more than driving.

9. Take everyone on exercise trip.

10.Sneak healthy snacks and a friendly note (maybe even a love note) into their lunch, briefcase, jacket pocket or purse.

11.Opt for activities as an excuse to spend time together.

12.Give big, positive attention to changes that are made.

13.Turn off the TV and hide the remote.

14.If it’s your turn to pick, choose a healthy restaurant or one that’s within walking distance.